Chocolat Zeina is a family business that started in 1892 in Damascus, Syria. Abdallah Slik handcrafted his first pieces of chocolate, applying a true passion for making unique flavors. Chocolate ingredients were imported from Europe, paired with local delicacies and spices, and crafted into various shapes to create a one-of-a-kind flavor that became the catalyst for the rise of the world-renowned Slik family brand. In addition to our traditional offerings, which include chocolates and Turkish delights, we now offer a wide variety of crepes, waffles and other chocolate-infused delights.


Today, our brand continues to operate at the forefront of the chocolate making industry, combining the artistry of old traditions with the innovation of new technologies. We have taken part in many international exhibitions and shared our special flavors with the world. The family tradition has passed through four generations and has now expanded to include Chocolat Zeina in Houston, Texas. Here at Zeina, we pay homage to the chocolate making legacy of the Slik family. Fans and followers of the Slik family tradition can now celebrate the new home of generations old recipes.